• Α minimum 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels
  • 20% of EU energy consumption must be produced from renewable sources.
  • 20% reduction in primary energy consumption compared to projected levels, by improving energy efficiency.


These requirements, known as the 20-20-20 targets, were set by the European Council in March 2007 to ensure that greenhouse gas concentrations remain stable.



nnual Report



In April 2014, the European Parliament and the European Commission adopted a new directive requiring certain companies to write reports including non-financial information (CSR Reports). In particular, the new Directive mandates companies with more than 500 employees draw up reports disclosing non-financial information.




bear monachus jackal eagle



  • One in five mammal species

  • one in eight birds

  • οne in three amphibians
... are endangered today. This phenomenon is mainly due to poaching, overexploitation of the land and environmental pollution. It is up to us to preserve biodiversity and ensure our fauna is safeguarded and handed to future generations.




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