We are ...

the first green advertising company in Greece specializing in Corporate and Social Responsibility as well as green products and services.

We create environmentally and socially responsible advertising campaigns, in order to devise strategies that are profitable for our clients.

 We offer a complete range of advertising services – advert placements, creation of brochures, TV and radio spots, aesthetic improvement of websites, building of advertisment constructions, product packaging, promotional gifts, preparation and aesthetic editing of Annual Reports - aiming at presenting the competitive advantages of a product while developing its environmentally friendly and socially responsible aspects.

We have the ISO 9001: 2008 and ELOT 1435: 2009 which guarantee the quality of the services offered to our clients.

Our employees are former executives of multinational advertising agencies with experience in handling large brands and award winners of creative excellence, who enrich every communication project with “green” in mind.

Greenmind has three basic principles:


Due to our "green" expertise we're very demanding both about conceptualizing creative strategies and finding innovative and high-quality, artistic approaches. Creativity is the key to ensuring our actions are innovative and interactive. With remarkable unconventional concepts based on smart messages and attractive visuals, we create the ultimate image of a brand or a product.


We make the most of technology and creativity to produce innovative products and services. We use renewable energy sources and apply them to create communication materials (brochures and flyers, constructions, advertising gifts). We think up and propose new creative ways of promoting the product, bringing into play both the media (creative media) and the creative idea.


We act responsibly towards the society and the environment. We incorporate responsible practices in the daily management of all of the business we conduct.We therefore:

  • provide our staff with the means for ongoing training and awareness-raising.
  • have introduced a waste management policy within the company (recycling, saving energy and water)
  • use exclusively ecological materials- organic paper, eco-friendly ink and in general environmentally friendly materials
  • We offer our services to NGOs active in the field of environmental and social awareness. Our aim is to promote their work and encourage the public to adopt a more responsible attitude